9 Ways To Turn A Classic George Fabric Into A Striking Piece

Nigeria is a country with many languages and many tribes, therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that different tribes lean towards different preferences when it comes to traditional style. A good example is the different choice of fabrics used for traditional weddings.

In the Eastern and Southern parts of the country, the ‘George’ fabric is a top choice. The fabric which is made from high-quality polyester features detailed designs and adornments on a taffeta or plain chiffon background and also come with elegant embroidery and scalloped edges.

Actress Tana Adelana (right) and sister @jemimasway

Just like any other fabric, it comes in a variety of colours, textures and designs but it is easily identifiable thanks to the classic way it is constructed. There isn’t much historically known on how this originally Indian fabric came into Nigeria let alone flood the Eastern market but it has for ages become a staple, showing up at different ceremonies and engagements as long as it is a major one. It is the main choice for Eastern and Southern brides when it comes to their traditional bridal attire and is also used by wedding guests for aso ebi.

The George fabric offers up a lot of prospects but not everyone knows how to get creative with it. This is why we have chosen to focus on this Eastern and Southern favourite today. As we all know when it comes down to it, it’s all about how well you make use of the fabric.

Got a George fabric to design? Let these striking looks inspire your style…

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