Who We Are

Subtle Fabrics is a subsidiary of the Subtle Global Resource Limited, specializing in the supply,
marketing and retail of high-quality African fabrics. Our products convey a message of style,
opulence and poise for our esteemed customers. We sell our products offline – through our
physical store, sales agents and online – through our website and social media pages.


What We Do

We operate a brick and mortar and an e-commerce company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide
all sorts of high-end Lace material for our esteemed customers to use for their occasions and to
adorn their style. Our offerings are listed below:

  • Retailing high-end textiles (fabric)
  • Distributorship of fabrics through our network of agents
  • Style and advisory



We offer the largest pools of creative and stylish high-end fabrics in the market. Additionally, we
have a very easy to navigate and engaging list of inventories for consumers in store and online.
We are powered by the best minds with a heart for relationship building with our stakeholders.
We see fashion more as an art. Our employees are connected physically and emotionally with the
trends of the time, filled with ideas, and a limitless wealth of inspiration for stylish material types
that suites every kinds of event. Through a productive dialogue with our customers, they collect
opinions that guides them through decision making, to match the right material design to the
ultimate consumer goal. The Subtle Fabric’s collections of attires are composed of distinct
variations that together make up the perfect wardrobe for the young, aged and fashionable


Organisational Ethics

We are a global brand and Africa’s number one “go to” place for high-end fabrics for all occasions.

At Subtle Fabrics, we provide our customers with a plethora of the right fabric type choices to
choose from, irrespective of the occasion, style, cultural outlook and taste. This is powered with

Our core values as are:

  • Excellent Service Delivery
  • Genuinely Customer Focused
  • Reliable Team Spirit (partners with clients)
  • Quality Products
  • Integrity

To succeed in business, we aim to offer a wide selection, a robust website, and outstanding
customer service. Additionally, Subtle Fabrics will:

  • Generate repeat business.
  • Increase the transaction amount per customer.
  • Increase the transaction frequency of long-term customers.
  • Establish a strong advertising campaign across all media channels
  • Establish accessible sales channels – online & offline – that makes transactions easy for
    all customers.
  • Sustain an excellent relationship with vendors that will help us facilitate a supply of quality
    fabrics and quick shipment of orders.



Subtle Fabrics sells a variety of high-end African fabrics for outdoor applications. Our product
lines include various kinds of Laces, such as is listed below:

  1. Cord Lace
  2. Cordnet Lace
  3. Voille Lace
    Swiss Voille Lace
    Two Tone Voille Lace
    Bombay Voille
  4. Wax Embroidery Lace
  5. Polish Lace
  6. 3D Lace
  7. Swiss Lace

The Subtle Fabrics office is a melting pot of culture, with a working relationship with teams of
varied tribes and clothes that suite the numerous tribes of the Nigeria party. Customers can come
into our store house or our online pages with the pride of their tribes and the vision behind their
events. Our staff members are equipped to serve the customers with enthusiasm and empathy;
and we are happy to answer all questions via our various channels, from WhatsApp, to emails, to
direct phone calls.
Thanks to our sourcing team and manufacturing vendors, we are able to supply a plethora of welldesigned
exclusive product to meet with our esteemed customer’s order and expectation. We keep
ourselves up-to-dated with the utmost vogue designs of the time, and will work closely with
customers through every step of the process to make sure they get exactly what they want.